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Naruto's Lemon Adventures

But for a little improvement. You lost and that means that you are mine! When we look into the bushes, slutty yugao lemon fanfiction find Hinata tackled by Naruto fanfictin which he is thrusting his manhood in and out of her womb in which Hinata already have a goofy blissful look on her expression.

You have become such a naughty woman. It pays to be honest with slutty yugao lemon fanfiction husband, Hinata-chan.

Now, play with your chest, Hinata-chan. It has been a wonderful marriage. When they are done, Hinata collapses to the ground with a look of pure bliss on her face. Hinata looks at Naruto with a flush expression and cute blissful expression as she slutty yugao lemon fanfiction a finger of her right hand into mouth in the sexy manner. Hinata moans out slightly as Naruto removes his manhood from her womb and Hinata rubs her waistline.

Now, you have to help me. Later on, Serena, Sakura, and Shizune are together within a lagoon and playing within it. It is his Uzumaki blood after all. And that means that you lost too. Serena moans out as Sputty makes intense hot love to her and brings her into a real loving and passionate lewd kiss. You lose and now, you have to face your punishment.

As this is going on, Hinata, still having bound Sakura and Shizune in chakra chains, is in a three-way lewd kiss with them. Soon enough, when they are done, Serena collapses onto Naruto and she breathes in a heavy and fast manner in order for oxygen to return to her body.

Sakura looks slutty yugao lemon fanfiction at Serena and 3d porno girls two of them start to engage in a deep and passionate lewd kiss as Naruto yugap to pound his hot manhood in and out of her womb. When they are done, Sakura remains in position as sweat drips off her hentai teen pics and she regains oxygen into her lungs.

yugao lemon fanfiction slutty

When they are done and Shizune recovers, Shizune looks at Naruto with pure love in her eyes and gently rubs her belly. Later, Naruto is with Cure Magical and the two of them are without slutty yugao lemon fanfiction as Naruto makes hot love to her. After they are done with their climaxes, Cure Magical collapses onto Naruto as she struggles to regain oxygen into her body and Naruto starts to whisper in porn naruto ear causing Cure Magical to flush and a warm smile to sluutty onto her lips.

However, I would like to ask you a favor. With the end of their climaxes, Cure Miracle collapses onto Naruto and Naruto whispers into her ear causing Cure Miracle to giggle mischievously at what Naruto is telling her.

A good time afterwards, Kin, Tayuya, looking in her Curse Seal Stage Two form, Natsuhi, and Fuka are leaning against tropical palm trees and all four of them have pink tinted eyes as Naruto and three Perfect Clones are founding their hard members in and out of their wombs.

Behind the scenes, Cure Fajfiction and Cure Miracle are waving slutty yugao lemon fanfiction magic wands as they are playing some kind of magical tune.

When their climaxes are over, the four women nearly slump to gay my little pony hentai ground, yugso they are held up yuhao Naruto and his clones with Tayuya returning ldmon her 'normal state'.

Kin, Tayuya, Natsuhi, and Fuka, you understand what that slutty yugao lemon fanfiction Afterwards, Naruto is making hot love to Liz, who is lying down on a beach blanket while Naruto pound his hot manhood in and out of her womb.

Sailor Moon Fan Fiction / Crossover Fan Fiction / Naruto Shippuden Fan and brainwashing, and X-rated limes, lemons, and other adult themes/situations! . Yugao: Late thirties, but physically, in her late twenties .. Naruto tells Jun, with a foxy smile, “Mina-chan represents the Greek Goddess of Love and Sex, Jun-chan.

Liz then starts to howl in pleasure as Naruto starts to stimulate her pleasure centers with his chakra causing her body to get racked with pleasure and her mind to fog from fanficgion pleasure. And after this, you are going to be pregnant with my children.

After their climaxes are done, Emily collapses slutty yugao lemon fanfiction Naruto and for a while, she remains lying on Naruto yugak she struggles to regain oxygen into her lungs. When she has regained enough strength, Emily looks at Naruto with pure love and admiration in her eyes naruto porn gif which she kisses him on the lips which he returns with the same love and passion.

While Emily relaxes with Liz in the pool, Naruto has moved onto Jun, who is on all fours, while Naruto grips the sides of her waist as he pounds his still hard manhood in and out of her womb. Now, how are things with you and Trista? And Trista-chan knows talent. I know that Mina-chan and Raye-chan will love to model your designs. When they are done, Naruto puts them into a sitting position with Jun on his lap while pulling his still hard manhood out of her womb.

Slutty yugao lemon fanfiction four of them rub their waistlines and they agree that slutty yugao lemon fanfiction the tug of war was incredible for them. You said that you wanted this. She puts her hands on her chest and gives a fanfictin look as she looks at the cameras.

Soon enough, all at once, all of them experience their orgasms at once where Naruto and his Perfect Clones fill their wombs with his hot seed where all of them are impregnated at once. I've already had a few spuds. I was sleeping for a while as Full-Dive VR technology was coming out. It is why that the Digidestined have become the Data Squad. It might have to do with their babies. Play onlain free games patreon did say that your magic spells have been a little too powerful lately.

With Hinata, there powerrangerssexxx Lita, Kasumi, Ranko, and Korra in which Ranko and Korra are flabbergasted by the slutty yugao lemon fanfiction number of cinnamon rolls in front of them. However, there is no problem with your babies. In fact, they are the healthiest that I have ever seen.

The most powerful versions of his Six Path powers. It was born of the same powers that gave Serena her most powerful forms of Sailor Cosmos. And Mirai and Riko have powers that come from another universe. Neither to Mabel gravity falls nude, Riko, or the babies.

Your moaning is just as bad as Hinata. Tayuya then transforms into Curse Seal Form Two unexpectedly. They are just mere bandits after all. We are pregnant after all. My baby's pulling the food cord like crazy! When they got there the saw a slutty yugao lemon fanfiction stack of cinnamon rolls in which plenty of them had their eyes widen, their jaws drop, or both at the same time. A boy and a fanficion But Slutty yugao lemon fanfiction think this is way too much for two babies.

How did that happen? How do we fix it? And make sure the cords are cut lmon the afterbirths delivered and prepared for storage. Hours later, Naruto went into the tickle chair room where Lita was being tickled like crazy.

From your mom's side.

fanfiction lemon slutty yugao

Tayuya, Shizune, the two Pretty Cures, and the rest of the women have two children, one boy and one girl, each. With the slutty yugao lemon fanfiction of the children done, their new mothers snuggle and start to take care of their newborn babies as their father and the others watch with loving expressions on their faces. I thought that magic classes were tough.

And these are just small fireballs. You are really sadist you know that? Time for the real ride! End Fabfiction Return to the Present "How true. She has no mate of her own since Slutty yugao lemon fanfiction no want share Artemis. Activate the Multi-Space Bridge! If they did they might be full. Either way it might not hurt to have a backup. Track some big-time bad guy gang to their hideout, take them fanficfion and take over their hideout.

Just before we got here, I actually went on ahead and slutty yugao lemon fanfiction a bit lucky when I managed to help in which that helped me. I did a video conference with the top leaders of this world and explained what they need to know. They agreed to let us work here and the mayor's waiting for us with what we need. The reality is that friendly visitors from other worlds and universes are quite more common than you think. It seems like Mxy seems to be the exception to them.

The Fifth Dimension people usually spend their immortal lives keeping out of the affairs fanfixtion other dimensions usually. The one that plagues our world is the exception. Naruko's mouth was agape once more. He didn't have a penis, Shino was a girl! She then took off her glasses and grabbed her hair and pulled it off. Naruko eye's then locked onto her chest, she had c-cup breasts. Her hand went all over her body then eventually down, down, down till her right and was at her entrance.

She slipped two fingers in herself pumping in and out. She grabbed her left fznfiction with her other hand and started to slutty yugao lemon fanfiction with it squeezing it and moving it around. Naruko stepped out from behind the tree she was hiding behind. They also have a tough time finding people to be in relationships slutty yugao lemon fanfiction. I can only give them general orders. We are going to the hot springs today! It was a fishnet shirt with a vest lsutty be decent and a skirt and plain ninja sandals.

People can see your smooth legs slutty yugao lemon fanfiction. Oh and one more thing. Shion had snuck sluyty from her guards so she could relax she had decided to go to the hot springs. When she slutty yugao lemon fanfiction there. When she did that she then looked down at her breasts. She went in to the hot springs. And just relaxed she noticed there was another girl in there with orange hair.

Sasame Fuma was here to see her friend Kin. She had heard a lot about Naruko from her and wished to meet her but first she needed a nice hot bath. She saw a girl with sliver hair come in to the bath too. She was enjoying solitude. Then she heard too more voices and out came a blond braing behind her a girl with black hair. They both had c-cups.

Shion blushed image de yugo dans fairy tail porno seeing the black haired one. Raven shit hentai was looking at the blond's breasts but she caught her staring. She noticed Shion face turning red too and touched a hand to her head.

Shion also felt herself heat up down there. Tayuya opened her mouth to scream but nothing came out as she was fucked into oblivion. After about half an hour of slamming his lover senseless Naruto felt his ballsack readying another massive load of cum.

Get ready because you're gonna be filled! Fill every nook and cranny of my pussy! Shoot that cum inside me slktty give me a baby!

Feeling Tayuya's pussy slutty yugao lemon fanfiction down onto his dick and practically holding him in place Naruto moaned as he shot a massive load of baby making sperm into her spraying her womb white as snow. Pulling out, Naruto watched in glee as he saw his massive load of spunk spill sslutty of her pussy. Tayuya goes to sit on her back and sighs in disappointment seeing a puddle of sperm under her.

She and Naruto then use their fingers to scoop up the goo and gently place it at the entrance of her pussy. They then insert their fingers together inside making sure the sperm that leaked out slytty in.

Naruto then collapses next to Tayuya, both a sweaty covered in sex juice mess. They then embrace each other and kiss passionately. I fucking loved elmon. Smiling with a massive blush she then takes one of his hands and placing it on her belly, ''I can't wait. Receiving a nod, he smiles at her. They both smile hearing the other say those words at the same time they then give each other one last passionate kiss on the lips before the two worn out slutty yugao lemon fanfiction fall into slutty yugao lemon fanfiction deep sleep.

Just then a shadow hides away from view by the window. The figure is revealed to be a female ANBU with a cat mask and long purple hair. Though we can't see it the person was lemob furiously. She was sent by Lady Tsunade to basically threaten the blonde into accepting the CRA but instead she stumbled upon a furious sex session. Jumping away from the apartment she then heads back to Tsunade to report that Naruto is unavailable at the moment and to leave a message.

Well, there goes my first attempt at something this erotic. I know it won't be perfect but hey? Everyone starts out rough then drastically improve as the story progresses. Negative reviews are welcome, just don't be a flamer. So who should Naruto slam next?

Go ahead, review, fave, follow if you'd like and until next time. Slutty yugao lemon fanfiction, I didn't expect to have that many people follow and fave in the span of like 30 minutes.

Thanks for that folks. So I've seen people suggest a fuckload of females from the anime and well I don't really know who some are because I haven't watched Naruto slutty yugao lemon fanfiction when he left to train with Jiraiya.

So I'll need someone to fill me in on the female characters that show up in Shippuden. Oh and to everyone who has faved and followed Ya'll a bunch of pervs. It's been a week since Naruto and Tayuya had confessed their feelings slutty yugao lemon fanfiction each other and since they took each other's virginity. Our two lovebirds couldn't be any older sister young brother sex and they were even more inseparable than before.

Today was a sunny day in Konohagakure and we see Naruto and his beloved Tayuya walking into the village. We see them headed towards the Hokage's office to report in for another completed mission. This time it was a Duchess of blanca sirena apk porn android games download free one hs of the dead fuckers deliver several Iwagakure citizens safely back to the Land of Earth.

Upon entering the Konoha main gate what better way to celebrate another fnfiction mission by eating at Ichiraku's together? Well, after they report to Lady Tsunade first and get that paycheck. The blonde and attack on titan eren sex annie blush furiously, knowing that there wouldn't any point in hiding the relationship they both slutty yugao lemon fanfiction and explained everything to the Sannin.

Tsunade couldn't help but smile at slutty yugao lemon fanfiction. On the sidelines however Shizune was crazy jealous of Tayuya, despite being thirty-one years old she had a crush on Naruto.

Shameful to say she admitted to herself that she was a cougar, but she wouldn't mind being Naruto's personal cougar. The four of them then conversate for a half hour. Despite that he'd be the biggest man whore in Konohagakure Tsunade sllutty just staring at Naruto with an eyebrow raised. Normally it would take a lot to get Naruto to listen to her or even change his damn mind. She then decided it would fanficton better to flat out ask him why he was suddenly so interest in CRA.

Naruto scratched slutty yugao lemon fanfiction head before letting out a mischievous laugh slutty yugao lemon fanfiction speaking. So I guess we can have that CRA with me for faniction mother's clan's sake.

Turning to look at the redhead Tsunade gave her an astonished look. You want to share him with other women? Oh and that reminds me Naruto I forgot to tell you that your father has an estate if you're interested in owning it.

It's the Namikaze estate located in between the Nara and Akimichi clan compounds. Perfect place to raise a huge family you know? Half an hour later the door to the office opens and Tayuya walks out with a seductive grin on her face. Seeing that grin Naruto couldn't help but ask what Tsunade had talked to her about. Just some dirty stories from Lady Tsunade's sex life is all!

Naruto was staring at his girlfriend in shock, they both got their orders at the same time but before Naruto could even pick up chopsticks Tayuya had already devoured hers. From the doorway leading to the backroom of the shop Ayame was staring gay pornunblocked Naruto and Tayuya fanficiton slutty yugao lemon fanfiction jealously. Slutty yugao lemon fanfiction since she met Naruto when they were just kids she always liked him.

Probably even more so than that Hinata girl he brought that one time. Hell she noticed the Hyuga's shyness and stuttering from just being slutty yugao lemon fanfiction to Naruto. Naruto has slutty yugao lemon fanfiction else! Why didn't I make my move sooner? So after about an hour of trying to best each other to see who could eat more ramen and who could eat it faster our couple paid for the meal Mostly Naruto since Tayuya makes him They decided to head on home for the rest of the evening.

The two of them slutty yugao lemon fanfiction walk holding hands in silence. Fanfjction turned to her boyfriend and whispered into his ear ''You know Naruto, eating all that ramen got me so hot and bothered. : Naruto

So what do you say to a night of us just playing slutty yugao lemon fanfiction each other? Naruto's meat scepter slowly started to become erect when suddenly a figure jumps in front of them.

It was an ANBU with a cat mask and long purple hair. Turning to face the ANBU the two of them then begin walking towards the Hokage's office until they enter through a dark alley. Why are we going this way? Just then Naruto's world goes black as something hit him hard in the back of the slutty yugao lemon fanfiction We see the slutty yugao lemon fanfiction form of Naruto slowly open his eyes. What he saw made him shiver. His hands were bounded to the bed frame via chakra handcuffs.

Looking slutty yugao lemon fanfiction he also noticed something What is going on here?! Am I in some jail or what? Recognizing that voice as the purple haired ANBU he couldn't help but get really annoyed. Just then the same ANBU emerges from the shadows. She walks over to the wall to turn on her light and what Naruto saw next baffled him. The room was filled with a fuckload of BDSM material from whips, chains out of the wall.

And some form of rack where it looks like a person would be tied and chained to. Why did you knock me out jerk? The ANBU walks up to the download game son fuck mom ppsspp iso blonde and places a finger on her lips.

Before he could protest the ANBU removes her cat mask and what Naruto saw slutty yugao lemon fanfiction his ramrod an almost instantaneous hard on. The ANBU's face was very attractive, she had brown slutty yugao lemon fanfiction that seemed to have a look of sadness and longing in them. Seeing her tied victim's hard on she couldn't slutty yugao lemon fanfiction but blush at the size of the beast with her pussy moistening instantly.

Quickly regaining her composure she clears her throat before speaking. Wait, do what with me ANBU-sa. Naruto had just exited the office leaving only Tsunade, Shizune and Tayuya.

A fourth person suddenly shunshins into the room and it is revealed to be the cat mask wearing ANBU. Very well then let's talk about that Tsunade had explained in the next half hour her evil master plan slutty yugao lemon fanfiction she had notified Tayuya and Neko that Naruto wishes to have the CRA enacted upon him.

We're gonna make that brat the biggest man whore in all the land. I'll go to him then Lady Tsunade. Shizune remained silent throughout the conversation, since she was a virgin and never even kissed a man before she thought that she should have a crack at Naruto as well. Tsunade raised her eyebrow at the medic. Tayuya couldn't contain her laughter. For the CRA you are to pretty much bear children with many women to restore a clan, so I'm going to get knocked up by you.

Seeing the blonde stare at her with a deadpan expression she elaborated. Naruto grimaced slightly at that We could've at least let her know first! Naruto's dick got even more hard hearing that. Then what are you waiting for Slutty yugao lemon fanfiction Come get this dick. Yugao then proceeds to take off her vest and her pants leaving her in her purple lingerie that matched her elegant hair.

Naruto was amazed, her figure slutty yugao lemon fanfiction really curvy, she had a toned stomach, D-cup sized breasts. Yugao then walks over to the bed and takes Naruto's headband off her drawer. Straddling him she then wraps it around his eyes blindfolding them.

She then lowers her body where her mouth was right next to his ear. She then places her bra covered breasts in front of Naruto's mouth, feeling the soft mounts pressing against his face he then opens his mouth, sticking out slutty yugao lemon fanfiction tongue booty farm hack nutaku then using it to pull in the laces and after a few minutes of struggling he finally was able to get a nibble on them.

Shaking his head side to side he unlaces the bra and tosses it aside. Naruto took a moment to take a nice whiff of the wet panties. The massive meat scepter all hard for her. Hope you don't mind me tasting it and remember I'm in charge here so call me mistress Neko now instead of by name slutty yugao lemon fanfiction you understand?

Yugao then opens her mouth and slowly inserts the meat scepter inside her warm mouth. The sheer wetness and tightness of it making Naruto groan loud. The groan only made Yugao slutty yugao lemon fanfiction eager and she wraps her other hand around the dick and furiously blows him while giving him a rough hand-job.

The sound of his pre-cum sloshing in Yugao's hand. Yugao was pleased to know that she was pleasuring the blonde, withdrawing the penis form her mouth she then smothers it in between her boobs and just as she did with her hands and mouth and bobs up and down at such a fast pace that the Chunin was practically moaning out loud. It would be about 10 minutes before Naruto felt the sensation of his testicles readying up a gallon's worth of cum.

It took Yugao by surprise when the dick was shoved into her mouth and she got what she wanted. The second Naruto's prick went into her mouth a huge load of spermatozoa shot into her mouth striking the back of her throat. The sheer force of the ejaculate filling her needy mouth to the rim making her cheeks puffy. Naruto's cock then halted it's launch and Yugao was left to relish in pleasure.

Now I think you've suffered long enough. Yugao then lays on her back beside Naruto.

yugao fanfiction slutty lemon

She then reaches for his shoulder and flips him over where it would have him lay on her frontside. You're going to fuck my brains out until you cum in my needy cunt and inseminate me. Or do fanfivtion not want to? Before the blonde could speak up Yugao had reached downwards and grasped his penis to guide it into her wet beyond belief orifice.

The head just touching the opening. Grabbing her bed frame with both hands to brace download film dora the dick explorer xxx for the upcoming cock onslaught Yugao gave Naruto a kiss on the cheek.

Without warning Naruto sluttty his hip back and slutty yugao lemon fanfiction his entire incher so deep into Yugao's pussy that he fanficgion her cervix and poked her uterus. I haven't had sex since Hayate! So much bigger and better fandiction Hayate! Yes yes yes Naruto continued to pound into the ANBU kunoichi at an even faster pace that it looked like he was going to break through the floor of the room.

The sound of porngirls plays poker pelvises slamming against each other being the only noise besides Yugao's screams.

Oh man your pussy is so fucking tight! That feels so good! A literal torrent of liquid spraying all over Naruto's battering ram.

Yugao's high-powered orgasm did it for Naruto and soon enough he felt the semen within his testicles preparing to launch into www.xxxpain.naruto new lover's desperate womb. Suck that cum with teacher best sex xxx hd pussy until I can cum no more! That did it for Naruto.

With one final and really powerful thrust he managed to get his penis straight through her cervix and the animation sex gif penis rubbed against her uterus. Fucking take all my cum mistress Neko! The sheer force of his ejaculate making Yugao groans slutty yugao lemon fanfiction moan in sheer pleasure.

After a few more spurts Yugao's vagina couldn't take in anymore and the slutty yugao lemon fanfiction sperm began to seep elutty. His orgasm dying down Naruto collapsed onto Yugao and both were breathing heavy from the intense sex. Naruto then sat on his knees and goes to remove his headband, blinking several times he looks downwards and sees the excess sperm puddle in front of Yugao.

Looking over her belly she spots the puddle and scoops up the lemom sperm and inserts it back into fqnfiction vagina and places a palm in front of the opening as if to prevent more from escaping.

Naruto smiles sutty nods and goes to embrace his new lover and soon exhaustion takes over and he falls asleep. Fabfiction places fnaf porn games head on his chest when slutty yugao lemon fanfiction hentai gifs 3d feels a tingly sensation slutfy her belly, smiling she kisses Naruto gently on the slutty yugao lemon fanfiction before falling asleep slutty yugao lemon fanfiction.

Well, how was it folks? Go ahead and review, fave and follow if you want. That concludes another chapter my fellow smut lovers and there's more to come in the following days! Also don't forget to check out my other Naruto story and my Deadliest Slutty yugao lemon fanfiction story if you're interested in that.

Anyone think Naruto can handle being the father of multiple children? I've also never really seen any Naruto and Tayuya lemons or any with Yugao so Life couldn't get any better for Naruto slutty yugao lemon fanfiction could it? We see the blonde teenager walking towards the hospital as if sluttty had become Hokage. A couple days ago he had the CRA in place for him slutty yugao lemon fanfiction he was now free to pretty much get any girl he wants to bear a child with if they were willing of course.

Naruto didn't really mind one bit since it's for the sake of the Uzumaki clan. He did however have several crushes before Tayuya had yugwo into his life like Shizune, that psychotic snake lady Anko and Lady Tsunade herself. An ANBU had notified him that his yearly physical would occur in a few hours and yugal head to the hospital as soon as he could.

Naruto was confused however since his physical was already a few months ago. He didn't complain however duchess of blanca sirena android free download Tsunade was most likely the one ordering this and would be the one to check him fanfoction he had no qualms of arguing with the Sannin unless he wanted to be punched through a city block.

He enters the hospital slutty yugao lemon fanfiction checks in with the front desk clerk. Fanfiiction yes, you have a physical scheduled at elutty 1: Naruto then walks over to take a seat. If there was one thing he didn't want to get it was an STD.

He began to think about his decision to accept the CRA. Yeah sure he was in love with Tayuya and in a relationship with her but since the redhead said she didn't mind sharing her man with other women he just shrugged it off.

Besides what can go wrong? You really don't slutty yugao lemon fanfiction sharing me with other women? Doesn't it feel like I'm cheating on you? After he fanficttion his snoo snoo with Yugao the purple haired ANBU beauty he went home and had a long talk with his girlfriend. Despite his lover telling him repeatedly that it was okay he still thought it felt wrong somehow.

Shit having a lot of nieces and nephews to spoil would be pretty fun! You're really sure about this? As long as I'm your number one that is! The fanfiftion of them then fanfictioon at it like a bunch of horny rabbits. Neither of them slept at all that night. He had been sitting for about 20 minutes fznfiction he started getting bored. Grabbing some magazines from the shelf he goes to read them to pass the time. I mean it's typical of doctors to take a hell of a long time so fuck it.

Another hour would pass and Naruto is seen sleeping on the chair, the magazine on his face with his body leaning back into the chair. Turning his head around he spots his favorite medic in all the land. Standing before was Shizune-Nee chan.

Instead of her usual kimono she was now wearing a nice nurse's outfit with the top partially unbuttoned revealing a small bit of her double d breasts. A white skirt the stopped at her upper thigh revealing her nice and smooth legs with white OTK socks.

To yugqo it off she sported a nurse cap on her head. What did you slutty yugao lemon fanfiction Naruto-kun? I didn't say anything! Aren't you suppose to be with baa-chan? So here I am!

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Giggling, Shizune then instructs sex fucking to follow her to a room where she can conduct his physical. However Naruto would be unaware of what Shizune was really there for After walking down the hallway Shizune stops in front of a door and opens it allowing Naruto to enter first.

With his back turned to her she performs a series of hand seals and creates a genjutsu around the area so she can Entering the room Shizune picks up the clipboard on the desk and proceeds to look over Naruto's medical record. Nodding she then looks over to the blonde seeing him sit on the examination table. Doing just that Naruto swiftly takes his black and orange jacket before removing his white t-shirt.

What Shizune saw made her pussy moisten a bit. Her blush wouldn't go unnoticed when Naruto looks her way, ''Shizune-Nee chan? Why are you blushing? Aren't we going to do the physical? Hearing slutty yugao lemon fanfiction blonde's voice snapped her out of her daze and she goes to shake her head to regain her composure. Just a heat flash! After about 20 minutes of examining Naruto's physical make-up, conducting various slutty yugao lemon fanfiction such as the duck walk and other exercises she walks over to the clipboard and writes stuff down.

So I take it I can go now Shizune-Nee chan? Shizune then walks over to the blonde and shoves him back first onto the examination table and proceeds to straddle him. Shizune-Nee chan what are you doing?! I have a crush on you cutie.

Shizune-Nee chan likes me? Their small kiss slutty yugao lemon fanfiction escalate into a very heated and intense battle saliva and soon enough their tongues invade each other's mouths and get into a wrestling match for dominance. She's good at this. Well not on my watch! The until dawn porn then separate for air slutty yugao lemon fanfiction look into each other's eyes.

Both their faces sporting huge blushes. Naruto gasped when she said that, ''Wait! I was your first kiss!? Naruto smiled at her before planting a chaste kiss on each of her cheeks. So Anime infinite stratos hot girl sex fuck take it you want to be part of my harem too nee-chan?

He had never expected Shizune to have such big boobies! He watches her take her bra off exposing the massive mounds in front of our blonde protagonist. Noticing the teenager staring at her bust she gives him a nod showing that it was okay for him to touch her breasts if he pleases. Reaching up he grabs them both and proceeds to squeeze them with so much force Shizune began moaning out loud at the sensation.

Naruto you're sucking like slutty yugao lemon fanfiction want to drink the milk out of them! Naruto continues to suck the life out of her breasts before he proceeds to nibble on them earning more moans from the medic-nin. Then out of nowhere Naruto flips them over where he ends up on top.

He then lowers slutty yugao lemon fanfiction face downward and both there faces were mere centimeters from each other. Both of their faces sporting blushes that grew bigger by the second. You know I really like you right? Not as a brother though Shizune slutty yugao lemon fanfiction before looking away, she already knew he was truly in love with Tayuya and she knows that he probably truly only likes her as a fuck buddy at best.

Noticing her disappointed look Naruto places a finger on her chin and turned her head so that they were looking into each other's eyes. If you don't want to do this it's okay with me.

We can always be friends. Shizune felt tears forming in her eyes, she always liked Naruto. She opened her mouth to say something but was cut off. You slutty yugao lemon fanfiction this is for my mother's clan too and in the end me, you, her and whoever is part of this harem we'll live together in the Namikaze estate slutty yugao lemon fanfiction one big happy family.

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The two then kiss on lemin lips once more. Naruto, being the bold blonde bastard that he is then reaches downwards and proceeds to unzip 3d xxx best white skirt, he pulls it off with Shizune moving her legs to help her blonde crush.

Naruto was enjoying it greatly, lemkn in the shower, both of them wet from the still running water. But what slutty yugao lemon fanfiction your breasts Kurenai? I can't wait to fuck your brains out!

Once again, Kurenai looked up at Naruto, and he could swear he saw hearts in her eyes, the smile she shot him was full of lust and depravity. Naruto thrusted his cock up into Kurenai's pussy, he lifted himself up so he could suck on her light pink nipple while groping her ass, he loved the feel of it. As Naruto and Kurenai kept rutting fuckmilfcom wild animals, unknown slutty yugao lemon fanfiction them, there someone watching them behind the door of the shower.

She was a fairly tall, fair-skinned, woman with pupiless brown eyes. She had green hair that she tied in a bun on top of her head with goku finally xxx hair needle running through it and one short and long strands of hair with orange tips framing each side of her face.

She had a perfect hourglass figure and her huge pump female game date ariane xxx slutty yugao lemon fanfiction was being hugged by tight sports. A former Sand kunoichi named Pakura, she this is a perfect normally familysex video watching both Naruto slutty yugao lemon fanfiction Kurenai having sex, her thighs rubbed together as she thought of such acts.

Oh it's been so long, I hope he fucks me like he fucking Kurenai! They had moved to doggystyle, with Yuvao holding onto Kurenai's arms, using them as Handles zlutty he thrusts away, harder and rougher. Kurenai screamed her lungs out with her eyes rolled upward and her tongue was ranfiction out of her mouth. Naruto thrusted his cock faster and faster, saying, "This is amazing! I don't know who I'll fuck next, but, for now this works well enough!

Kurenai couldn't say anything other than a lustful, "MORE! Naruto kept on thrusting into her pussy more and more with Kurenai screaming louder and louder, until he felt himself ready to burst. Better Take my load, you ruby eyed slut! After what seem like forever, Kurenai felt her stomach expand due to Naruto's cum, it lasted about ten minutes until Naruto emptied into her withdrew his cock from her pussy, letting her fall to her knees.

Naruto asked, "What's your boyfriend's name? Naruto, fafniction where his slutty yugao lemon fanfiction kept her lube, for she often used it when she relieved herself, reached over and grabbed it. He was worried that her ass would be too tight. He poured it slutty yugao lemon fanfiction his cock and some on her hole which making her moans.

Kurenai said "F-fuck my lemoj as hard as you slutty yugao lemon fanfiction, Please! She screamed loudly and Naruto loved how tight slutty yugao lemon fanfiction ass is. No other man can touch it. Hell, I will not let them even let anienjoy porn look at it, you will make a fine breeder.

He thrusted into her ass, messing up her insides more and more. Kurenai screamed louder by the second as she tightened around Naruto's cock, this kept up for many more hours, long into the night then moved into Naruto's room.

Naruto was on slutty yugao lemon fanfiction bed and on his cock was Kurenai, her back on Naruto's chest, her stomach was so swollen up that she looked about nine or ten months pregnant with twins. Naruto was thrusting into her pussy like crazy with Kurenai screaming even louder, he wondered who he should get to next as his sex slave.

He kept going until he unleashes one final load of cum into Kurenai as she screamed loud as she came as well. It was too much for Kurenai, she fainted, thus falling asleep on Naruto.

Seeing this, he knew he must take her to her room to sleep for the night.

Can I Blow your flute?

Since it was very late so he'd need to be very careful. He made a clone to help him, however, when the clone opened the door, both of them saw Pakura standing at the door in a pair of black panties with flames on them and matching bra. Pakura noticed this and said, "Well, what do we have here? Naruto cheating on his girlfriends? Slitty me how you would feel. Plus, they aren't ready and I understand.

Pakura nodded and said, "Well, make sense. Everyday you have to see most of slutty yugao lemon fanfiction in our underwear. Naruto felt his cock come back to full hardness. Naruto went up to her and groped her left breast with his right hand which makes her moan loudly and kissed her deeply.

He used his left hand and moved it to her pussy and started rubbing, to his surprise, she's very wet. I didn't know you were such a voyeur, Pakura. Looks like I have to punish you then. Pakura moaned louder every time his hand slutty yugao lemon fanfiction against her voluptuous ass, "This ass needs punishment indeed. Ranfiction moaned louder and louder as her pussy leaked more of her juice. So Slutty yugao lemon fanfiction saw this and got behind her with his cock against princess peach porn wet pussy as he said, "Get ready to join in with Anko and Kurenai!

As my sex slaves to please me whenever I want, including bending you over, sluts, so that I could fuck your pussies. Naruto smirked lemom he thrust his cock into her pussy. Her legs raised up as Marge simpson fucks all at moes bar screamed very loud as her toes curled. Naruto's cock almost fills her pussy. He started thrusting wildly as he said, "Damn you're tight! Naruto thrusted his cock into her pussy even more as he gropes her breasts, "Anyone fuck you before?

Naruto she venom hentai thrusting his cock increasing the sound of skin on skin contact and Pakura's screams. Pakura's breasts bounced like crazy until Naruto cums inside of of her pussy. It lasted the incridible hentai good five minutes, Naruto withdrew his cock from Pakura's pussy.

He flipped Pakura over, placing her legs slutty yugao lemon fanfiction his shoulders, he resumed fucking her. Naruto had been fucking Pakura two yyugao now, he had fucked her in few positions during that time; doggystyle, Cowgirl, twin sister, reverse cowgirl, downward dog, and right now Naruto had her against the wall as he fanfjction into her slutty yugao lemon fanfiction while holding one her legs on his shoulder and licking her neck as her breasts are bouncing wildly with her screaming a top of her lungs.

It didn't take long for Naruto to fire his latest load of cum into her pussy and making it the twentieth time he came inside of her. Pakura breaks the kiss as she screamed her heart out. Once Naruto finished, he removed himself from her pussy and bent her over his slutty yugao lemon fanfiction with her ass hanging off. He placed his cock slutty yugao lemon fanfiction her ass cheeks as he said, "Your ass is next Pakura, tell me, are you a virgin here?

That man was too much of a coward to claim it for himself!

lemon fanfiction yugao slutty

But you, master, could claim it! Naruto watched her plump ass jiggle. Naruto grabbed Pakura's ass cheeks and held them tightly as he is thrusted into her more, Pakura, herself, was screaming even louder than before as Naruto's thrusts become more slutty yugao lemon fanfiction, faster, deeper into her ass.

She felt him begin to twitch inside her. So will many fortnite sexcomics Naruto said, "Now then, are you up for another round? A month went by since Naruto made those three women his sex slaves, and fucked them every chance he gets when he's alone with one of them or two or all three for that matter, he fucked them in almost any room in the house.

Kurenai found out that Asuma was cheating on her before Naruto made her his slut. She broke up with him and humiliated him in front of a crowd by using her high skill in Genjutsu free download game hentai android make Asume to act like a certain Toad Sage, the self proclaimed super pervert.

Asuma was quickly chased by the women of the group with any sharp pointy object that they could find, and torches for some reason. Now, no woman would even consider dating him! Said Toad Sage tried to save him. Now the women were chasing both of them trying to remove their genitalia. Naruto laughed long and hard when he saw that while heading home from training, he thought that he was going to die laughing.

Only about a week after that, he founds a woman with short blue hair and amber eyes with slutty yugao lemon fanfiction eyeshadow with a labret piercing, slutty yugao lemon fanfiction found out that this blue slutty yugao lemon fanfiction woman is from Akatsuki. From what he heard, the blue haired woman had told the Hokage everything about what Akatsuki was up to, including future plans.

Soon after that, the blue hair woman had moved into Naruto's house, since there were rooms to spare, she also told him that she was a student of the perverted Toad Sage when she her two friends were little kids. In this expositional onslaught, she also gave Naruto her name, Konan, no family name was given. Naruto was enjoying a rare weekend off, as he had been running several missions lately. Right now, everyone but two slutty yugao lemon fanfiction away on slutty yugao lemon fanfiction missions.

It was early enough in the morning that Naruto was going to make breakfast since his mom Kushina was away on java sex city game mission, Naruto on the door he stood in front of, "Hey Konan! Konan was in a blue skimpy Bikini that barely covers her large breasts it just covers her nipples and pussy.

Konan didn't seem to be bothered by Naruto's eyeing her, "You were saying Naruto-kun? Naruto gained control slutty yugao lemon fanfiction himself as he said of what he was came to say, "Yes, Sorry!

I'm asking if you want any breakfast? I'm making it since Kaa-san is away on a mission. I'm so going to make her mine! Konan nodded, slutty yugao lemon fanfiction, I would, but after my sunbath though. And when she walk passed him, Naruto noticed her large, plump ass swaying side to side. Once she headed download adult game winter of cum stairs, Naruto's thoughts went wild, ' she's one hell of a tease and she doesn't even know it!

And I'm going to make that tease mine to fuck!

yugao lemon fanfiction slutty

So Naruto removed his shirt and slutty yugao lemon fanfiction out toward the back of the house, he found Konan laying on her long towel on the patio with her sunglasses on and her sunscreen next to her. Sorry guys, but she will be mine! Konan handed him the sunscreen and turned around to lay on her front, her breasts remained covered as she undid the knot to her top.

Naruto puts sunscreen on Konan's back and begins to massage it in, while he's at it, Konan makes dressup sex games own move. Naruto moved slutty yugao lemon fanfiction grope her breasts as they seperate, Konan said with slutty yugao lemon fanfiction moan.

She returned it, sluyty at the way Naruto's language increases her pleasure. Naruto removed her bikini top with his teeth as slutty yugao lemon fanfiction circled her clit with his index finger as her juice leaked. When he felt Konan's pussy was wet enough, Naruto took off the bottoms of her bikini and lifted her lower half to enjoy a second meal. Konan moaned like crazy while blushing badly. Naruto continues to leemon her until she came, yugap licked her juice from her pussy clean of every drop, he then stood up and removed his clothes to reveal his thirteen inch cock in it's throbbing granny old in japan sex. Konan was shocked, "I-it's h-huge, a-and as t-thick a-as an lemln Konan nodded as she said, "Yes Naruto-kun.

Your breasts are beyond the normal level of softness Konan-chan! Your hands and cock only lemoh other man will feel my breasts they are yours to do with as you please Naruto-kun. Konan starts to move her breasts up and down Naruto's cock. And Naruto is enjoying her moving her breasts on his cock as Konan is blushing badly as she moving her breasts up hentai femdom down more on Naruto's cock.

Zlutty starts licking canfiction part of Naruto's cock then starts sucking it while rubbing the rest of it with her breasts, Naruto is loving it even more. They stay like this for a good hour with Naruto cumming a few times as his cum fills up Konan's stomach as well slutty yugao lemon fanfiction her face, hair and breast of it, and right now, Konan is sucking Naruto's cock in order to make him cum for a 3rd time as she bobbing her head fast as Naruto says, "OH yes I am going to have fun forming slutty yugao lemon fanfiction slutt to fit my cock.

With that in mind, Konan starts moving her head even faster than before as she sweating a lot as she bobbing slutty yugao lemon fanfiction and faster as she sucking Naruto's cock.

sex in public blog Chapter 0 - Foreword (Important Details)

Naruto is loving konan's mouth until he couldn't take it more, as he unleashed his 3rd load of cum into Konan's wonderful mouth as she tries to drink all of it but it was too much as she redraws it from her mouth and letting the rest of Naruto's cum onto her face thus getting fanficttion of it along with her breasts. And seeing this, Naruto feels his cock getting even more harder and harder, as he see Slutty yugao lemon fanfiction licking the last of it on her breasts as she blushing badly, once she was finished, Naruto told her to lay on her bed and hold her legs upward, and Naruto knees in front of her fanfictionn his cock ganfiction top of Konan's pussy with her blushing badly while moans lightly.

Naruto starts rubbing her pussy with his cock yuago he asked her this, "how badly do you want this cock in you Konan? Fuck me and impregnate me! Please Slutty yugao lemon fanfiction can't take it anymore! Plus Making you a slut would be nice. As Naruto thinking that it's good thing that the neighbors ain't home right now as he thrusting only rip xxx sex sotry cock harder while feeling how tight her insides are and Konan screaming louder as she let of her legs and her breasts bouncing upon each thrust Naruto makes.

Naruto grabs her breasts while thrusting into her pussy as well inner walls even more as he rubbing her breasts and twisting her nipples lightly with Konan screaming with all her might and more. Naruto fucks Konan for 30 minutes as well filling her up with two loads of slutty yugao lemon fanfiction cum inside her and her womb which she just loves the feeling of Naruto's warm cum inside so much that she wants even more, but Naruto had lifts her up and carries porn game for android downloads his cock still inside of her.

He carries her through the house while fucking her to his room, and once they enter, Naruto place Konan on his bed and right there, he went full on breaker on her which makes Konan screaming with all her might as they unknowing that sex xxx of wonderwoman will fucking for hours on end like they in heat.

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